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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy at Welspun (Textiles) by Director Dipali Goenka

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
at Welspun (Textiles)
by Director Dipali Goenka

Let us work together to achieve more

Welspun are keen to develop a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy at the global level for the benefit of all of our member firms. Many of you have effective CSR programmes in place that we can all learn from. At the same time, some of our accounting and advisory firm members have an inactive CSR program.
In this first instance we want to start the process to develop and document a consensus and then a strategy for CSR in the light of ISO 26 000 best practice, that can be used for a catalyst for action by many of us in 2021.
We value and seek your input and ask you to watch the very short videos below and then indicate your CSR priorities. Thank you.
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Corporate governance

This Welspun consultation adheres to the corporate governance standard ISO 26000 “Communication with stakeholders.”

                           A very brief introduction to this worldwide consultation process.

A brief introduction to all 17 United Nations sustainable goals.

Click the bottom right square icon of each of the following 6 videos to increase the screen size and watch the 2 minute video before making your choices. Thank you.


What can you do

1. Buy fair trade fruit once a week to help poor farmers
2. Buy fair trade products to help poor workers
3. Volunteer 1-2 hours a week to help poverty related charities

– 836 million people live in extreme poverty
– One in five persons in the developing world lives on less than $1.25 a day
– Agriculture is the single largest employer and the biggest source of income for 40% of the global

Zero hunger

The size of the problem
795 million people around the World are under nourished
66 Million primary school age children attend classes hungry
1 person in 9 of the world population goes to bed hungry
Hunger kills more people than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined

What you could do
1. Buy fair trade fruit once a week to help poor farmers
2. Support charities such as,,
3. Share the facts about Hunger to family and friends so they do it to

Health and well-being

The size of the problem
35 Million live with HIV in 2013
4.3 million deaths 2012 due to air pollution
Maternal death rate in developing countries is 14 higher
Poor nutrition causes 45% of the child death under 5 years of age

What you can do
Make sure you and your family are vaccinated
Volunteer 1 or 2 hours a week to an SDG related charity
Join a pressure group to demand action on this issue eg
Share the facts about global health with family and friends to encourage action

Gender equality

The size of the problem
4 out of 5 victims of human trafficking are girls
30% of women with partners have suffered physical or sexual abuse
Women are 43-50% of the labour force in agriculture but only 5% of advisory services
62 million school age girls are not in school

What you can do
Sponsor a girl child in a developing country to help her complete her education
Share the facts about gender inequality to encourage action
Donate once a month to EG or other similar women related charity

Affordable and clean energy

The size of the problem
291 million children (40%) attend primary schools without electricity
Mid town Manhattan uses more energy that the whole of Kenya
3 billion people rely on wood or charcoal for cooking and heating

What you can do
Save electricity, turn appliances off completely when not in use
Let your hair and cloths dry naturally instead of running a machine
Plug air leaks in windows and doors to increase energy efficiency
Write to local and national politicians to push for action
Donate once a month to or similar charity

Sustainable cities and communities

The size of the problem
3 Billion of the 7.8 billion people on the planet lack access to controlled solid waste disposal
1.3 Billion tonnes of food wasted every year. Double the amount required to feed all under nourished people in the world

What you can do
Volunteer 1-2 hours a week with a local food bank
Support the grow of the new green industries

Corporate social responsibility consultation Welspun

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